Saturday, September 12, 2009

Contemporary Atheist?

I have this new-found-friend who shared almost all of her life experiences to me. I can say that I got interested with her life story. I just wanted to share it here since I think it will have a moral lesson to everyone. She quoted "I am a contemporary atheist." Hearing that from her pains me and made me realized I have to work more in order for her to realize why believing is vital.

Here's the thing, most of us focused on the sorrows that we had or have right now. Isn't it much important that we should remember the days of blessings and forget the days of sorrows? How does that sound guys?

Well, what I believed is that God moves in mysterious ways. And what we have right now is indeed the best not just for our own selves but for all of us. If you are experiencing pains or sorrows right now, it could be a blessing in disguise. Just believe in the power of the Lord.

Maybe most of you are wondering why I have this kind of faith and optimism, well it is because I am blessed. When I say blessed--it not just counts the literal meaning of blessings but I also consider each pain as a blessing in disguise.

I just want to reiterate that it is most important to keep that faith within ourselves and drop all those questions why things did not go the way we wanted it to be. For in a certain time, we will have it. If not now, maybe tomorrow is the best time.

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