Friday, September 18, 2009

Approaching 2010 Philippine General Election

Presidential elections, legislative elctions and local elections are scheduled to be held on May 10, 2010. It will be administered by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in compliance with the Republic Act No. 9369, also known as Amended Computerization Act of 2007. It will be the first national computerized election in the history of the Philippines.

There is really a "bang" when people talk about May 2010 elections since it will have an impact to every Filipino citizen. Wherever we are, we used to hear this topic since it is indeed fast approaching. Everyone is really concern, that they do talk about this because by means of sharing their thoughts they can also enlighten others mind.

I am talking about this since I just want to voice out my thoughts and opinions as well. I believed each of us already has a "bet" of whose to vote for a specific position, but that is still tentative. We should not just look, but study as well the possible impact of each candidate's Platform. We have to be very careful of choosing who are we agoing to cast our vote since it is a very sensitive issue. Our vote will just be a number of vote to each candidate but it comprised Philippine's future.

I just want to reiterate that we have to open our consciousness on the day of election so that we won't be disappointed on the latter days, months and years. It is indeed our choice of what political future we want in our country, so think well before casting your vote and remember not to put any dirt on it.

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  1. Interesting post! 2010 election is very hot topic as todays. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!